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+ Agricultural Sciences

+ Architecture And Related Programs

+ Area, Ethnic And Cultural Studies

+ Biological Sciences/Life Sciences

+ Business Management And Administrative Services

+ Communications

+ Computer And Information Sciences

+ Conservation And Renewable Natural Resources

+ Education

+ Engineering

+ English Language And Literature/Letters

+ Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences

+ Foreign Languages And Literatures

+ Health Professions And Related Sciences

+ History

+ Law And Legal Studies

+ Liberal Arts And Sciences, General Studies And Humanities

+ Library Science

- Mathematics

DAT 502: Intro/ Statistical Computation
DAT 530: Advanced Statistical Methods
DAT 534: Big Data Analytics
DAT 550: Advanced Statistical Methods
DAT 554: Data Analytics Capstone
DAT 555: Data Analytics Caps ContEnroll
DAT 570: Adv. Topics in Data Analytics - Topic:Advanced MachineLearning
MATH 500 C1: Abstract Algebra I
MATH 500 N1: Abstract Algebra I
MATH 502 P1: Commutative Algebra
MATH 506 Q1: Group Representation Theory
MATH 511 D1: Intro to Algebraic Geometry
MATH 512 B1: Modern Algebraic Geometry
MATH 514 M1: Complex Algebraic Geometry
MATH 518 X1: Differentiable Manifolds I
MATH 519 C1: Differentiable Manifolds II
MATH 522 X1: Lie Groups and Lie Algebras I
MATH 525 G1: Algebraic Topology I
MATH 526 M1: Algebraic Topology II
MATH 527 G1: Homotopy Theory
MATH 530 M1: Algebraic Number Theory
MATH 531 E1: Analytic Theory of Numbers I
MATH 532 D1: Analytic Theory of Numbers II
MATH 535 CNL: General Topology
MATH 540 B1: Real Analysis
MATH 540 F1: Real Analysis
MATH 541 E1: Functional Analysis
MATH 542 B1: Complex Variables I
MATH 546 C1: Hilbert Spaces
MATH 550 P1: Dynamical Systems I
MATH 553 X1: Partial Differential Equations
MATH 558 B1: Methods of Applied Mathematics
MATH 561 P1: Theory of Probability I
MATH 562 F1: Theory of Probability II
MATH 563 P1: Risk Modeling and Analysis
MATH 564 E1: Applied Stochastic Processes
MATH 580 C1: Combinatorial Mathematics
MATH 581 F1: Extremal Graph Theory
MATH 586 E1: Algebraic Combinatorics
MATH 595 AGS: Advanced Topics in Mathematics - Algebraic Geo & String Theory
MATH 595 CET: Advanced Topics in Mathematics - Classification in Ergodic
MATH 595 HSB: Advanced Topics in Mathematics - Algebraic & Diff Topology
MATH 595 LCD: Advanced Topics in Mathematics - Local Cohmology
MATH 595 MAG: Advanced Topics in Mathematics - Algebraic Geo & String Theory
MATH 595 MCM: Advanced Topics in Mathematics - Markov Chains
MATH 595 QC1: Advanced Topics in Mathematics - Quantum Channels I
MATH 595 QC2: Advanced Topics in Mathematics - Quantum Channels II
MATH 595 QCT: Advanced Topics in Mathematics - Quantum, Complexity & Top
MATH 595 SET: Advanced Topics in Mathematics - Smooth and Etale Extensions
MATH 595 TDB: Advanced Topics in Mathematics - Topological Degree
MATH 597 LDO: Reading Course
MATH 597 TS: Reading Course
MATH 597 YBO: Reading Course
STAT 510 A1: Mathematical Statistics I
STAT 510 B1: Mathematical Statistics I
STAT 510 ONL: Mathematical Statistics
STAT 525 A1: Computational Statistics
STAT 527 A1: Advanced Regression Analysis
STAT 528 A1: Adv Regression Analysis II
STAT 528 ONL: Adv Regression Analysis II
STAT 542 A1: Statistical Learning
STAT 542 PSO: Statistical Learning
STAT 553 A2: Probability and Measure I
STAT 571 A1: Multivariate Analysis
STAT 575 A1: Large Sample Theory
STAT 576 A1: Empirical Process Theory
STAT 578 DSO: Topics in Statistics - Advanced Bayesian Modeling
STAT 578 DSO: Topics in Statistics - Applied Bayesian Modeling
STAT 578 JL: Topics in Statistics - High-Dimensional Statistics
STAT 578 SAC: Topics in Statistics - Adv Latent Variable Modeling
STAT 578 TP: Topics in Statistics - Bayesian Analysis&Computation
STAT 578 XC: Topics in Statistics - Geometric Flows
STAT 595 A1: Preparing Future Faculty
STAT 599: Thesis Research

+ Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies

+ Parks, Recreation, Leisure And Fitness Studies

+ Philosophy And Religion

+ Physical Sciences

+ Psychology

+ Public Administration And Services

+ Social Sciences

+ Visual And Performing Arts


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