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Certificate of Professional Development in Urban Agriculture

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  • Complete one 500-level approved course (at least 2 credit hours or more)
  • Complete two 400-level approved courses (at least 3 credit hours or more)
  • Earn a B or better (courses with grades of a B- or less will not be counted towards the certificate)
  • Take the courses for academic credit. Noncredit courses do not qualify.
To qualify for an Urban Agriculture Certificate, one core course, must either be HORT 434 - Designing Urban Agriculture or HORT 435 - Urban Food Production. Two additional graduate online courses approved for the program from the Crop Sciences (CPSC) or Horticulture (HORT) areas. Students can take both of these courses from the Horticulture area (HORT), or one HORT course and one CPSC course.


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