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Certificate of Professional Development in Crop Sciences

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Curriculum: Students who successfully complete three qualifying courses receive a Professional Development Certificate. A student must take one 500-level approved course (at least 2 credit hours or more), and two 400-level approved courses (of at least 3 credits or more) and receive a "B" or better in all courses to receive their certificate. A student taking courses toward a certificate and then decides to continue on for the M.S. degree in Crop Sciences can receive both the certificate and the degree upon successful completion of the requirements.

The Department of Crop Sciences offers a wide range of courses such as crop production, plant breeding insect pest management, plant physiology, herbicides, and crop growth and development. Courses must be taken for "credit" to count for the certificate of professional development (i.e. courses recorded on a transcript), therefore any courses taken in "non-credit" status do not count towards the certificate or M.S. in Crop Sciences.


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