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The core curriculum provides a strong foundation in computer science. CSC electives are chosen in consultation with the student's advisor to ensure depth of knowledge in topics of particular interest to the student. There are no restrictions on general electives. CSC courses must be taken for a letter grade.

Core Requirements:

  • CSC 305 Entrance Assessment 0 Hrs
  • CSC 405 Exit Assessment 0 Hrs.
  • CSC 376 Computer Organization 4 Hrs.
  • CSC 385 Data Structures and Algorithms 4 Hrs.
  • CSC 482 - Algorithms and Computation 4 Hrs.
  • CSC 389 Introduction to Operating Systems 4 Hrs.
  • CSC 388 Programming Languages 4 Hrs.
  • CSC 478 Software Engineering Capstone 4 Hrs.

Other Requirements

Students should consult with advisors in the major for specific guidance regarding completion of general education requirements.


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