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Admission Requirement(s): Entering students must have received a baccalaureate or equivalent degree in an appropriate field of engineering or in a closely related field (such as computer science, mathematics, or physics) from a recognized institution of higher learning. A cumulative grade-point-average of at least 4.00 (A=5.00) for the final sixty semester hours (ninety quarter hours) of undergraduate study is required for admission to the MEng program. Applicants who do not meet the admission qualifications, but whose professional experience in engineering might otherwise qualify them for entry into the program, may petition the Governing Committee for special consideration. The Governing Committee bases its admission decisions upon the academic and professional background of the applicant as well as on competitive and programmatic factors; thus, the satisfaction of minimum criteria does not guarantee admission to the program. All admission decisions by the Governing Committee are final. Each admitted student is assigned an advisor, who is a member of the College faculty.

Students whose native language is not English must demonstrate fluency in written and spoken English by passing either the TOEFL exam with a score of at least 213 on the computerized test (550 on the old TOEFL test), or a comparable examination deemed acceptable by the Governing Committee.

All students in the MEng program are required to complete the following 2 courses: Engineering Law (4 credit hours) and Engineering Management (4 credit hours). All students must also complete the minimum 36 semester hours of graduate coursework with a 4.00/5.00 GPA.

Technical Requirement(s): Students will need the following hardware configuration and software applications to participate in the Master of Engineering (MEng) degree program Online.


  • Any internet enabled computer. Examples are: Intel based, Mac PowerPC, Sun, SGI, etc..
  • At least a 28.8Kbs Internet connection
  • Color monitor with 800x600 resolution
  • 16 bit sound card and speakers
  • Double speed CD Rom drive


  • Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher or Netscape 4.01 or better.

The following free browser plugins:

  • RealPlayer from www.real.com
  • QuickTime from www.apple.com
  • Flash/Shockwave from www.macromedia.com
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 from www.adobe.com


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