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Program URL: http://www.uis.edu/english/

Campus: Springfield

Program Type: Bachelor's Degree

Total Number of Credit Hours: 40 Sem. Hr(s).

The English program at the University of Illinois at Springfield offers students a wide range of courses, a highly qualified faculty, and class sizes that facilitate individual exchange and attention. Students may choose courses that can help them prepare for teaching careers, for jobs as editors and writers, or for graduate work. The program offers a wide range of traditional British, American, and World literature courses, courses focusing on a variety of topics and themes within literature, and writing courses. The online English program allows students to actively participate in dynamic, diverse, and interactive online learning communities and to complete their degrees in their own time and at their own pace within the traditional semester via the Internet. The online format enables them to complete coursework using the latest networked information technologies for increased access to educational resources, advisers, and materials.


Mae Noll 
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Office of Advising Services
BRK 471
Phone: (217) 206-7473
E-mail: mnoll1@uis.edu


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