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BHIS 500 - Strategic Inquiry in BHIS

Campus: Chicago

Course URL: http://www.uic.edu/ucat/courses/BHIS.html


Overview of research methods for BHIS, IRB, research ethics, and development of a pre-proposal including thesis statement, project question, background and justification. Course Information: Meets eight weeks of the semester. Extensive computer use required. Taught fully online (HI) or blended (BVIS). Students must have an active UIC netid with valid password and access to a computer and the internet. Prerequisite(s): BHIS 499.

Academic Program Restrictions:

BBA: Business Admin Compl -UIC DRPH:Public Hlth (Online) -UIC MBA:Business Admin (MBA) -UIC MENGR:Engineering -UIC MS: Business Analytics -UIC MS: SupplyChainOpsMgmt-UIC NDEG:Electromg Tech(Cert) -UIC NDEG:Engineering -UIC CAS:Health Informatics -UIC MS:Health Informatics -UIC MS:Biomedical Visual -UIC

Option 1

Number of Required Visit(s): 0

Course Level: Graduate

Credit: 3

Technical Requirement(s): 

The student should have access to a computer with the following minimum requirements:

  • Processor: Pentium III minimum

  • Hard Drive: 10GB with 500 MB free space.

  • Memory: 256B RAM minimum

  • CD-ROM: 24X

  • Sound Card: SVGA 800x600 resolution capabilities (1024x768 resolution preferred)

  • Monitor: 15 inch SuperVGA color monitor (17 inc preferred)

  • Modem: 56Kbps Data/Fax/Voice modem or faster.

  • Operating System: Windows 2000, XP.

  • Software: An active antivirus program, UIC Network Services Kit (NSKIT) software, and an office suite such as Microsoft Office.

  • Other: An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is recommended for access from outside the (312) area code. The student must secure an active UIC NetID and valid password upon initial registration.

  • Term(s): Spring


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