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MGT 330 - Business and Managerial Commun

Campus: Springfield


Application of business and managerial communication skills necessary for success in organizations will be studied and practiced. Identifying features of communication processes at various levels in an organization, nonverbal communication, written communication in business contexts, communication in social media and making oral presentations with an emphasis on analysis and evidence-based arguments.

Special Instructions:

Online BBA, Online BBA:HRM, Online BBA: MGT Concentration, and Online BS: MIS & BS:HCI students have priority for registration. Course Request Form for all others available at: http://go.illinois.edu/CBMCourseRequest.

Academic Program Restrictions:

BA:Online Economics -UIS BA:Online English -UIS BA:Online History -UIS BA:Online Liberal Studies -UIS BA:Online Mathematical Sci-UIS BA:Online Philosophy -UIS BA:Online Political Sci -UIS BA:Online PSY-Indivi Conc -UIS BBA:Bus Ad HRM (Online) -UIS BBA:Online Bus Admin Mgmt -UIS BS:Online Computer Science-UIS BS:Online Info Syst Sec -UIS BS:Online Mgmt Inf Sys - UIS BS:Online MIS Hth Care Inf-UIS NDEG:Online HR Mangment-UIS NDEG:Online Teach Ed-Sec -UIS NDEG:OnlinePubUtilMgmt&Reg-UIS BBA:Bus Ad HRM (Online) -UIS

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Number of Required Visit(s): 0

Course Level: Undergraduate

Credit: 3

Term(s): Fall


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