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MATH 220 E1 - Calculus

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


First course in calculus and analytic geometry; basic techniques of differentiation and integration with applications including curve sketching; antidifferentation, the Riemann integral, fundamental theorem, exponential and trigonometric functions. Course Information: Credit is not given for both MATH 220 and either MATH 221 or MATH 234. Prerequisite: An adequate ALEKS placement score as described at http://math.illinois.edu/ALEKS/, demonstrating knowledge of topics of MATH 115. Students with previous calculus experience should consider MATH 221. Class Schedule Information: Students must register for one discussion and one lecture section beginning with the same letter in Fall and Spring terms only. Engineering students must obtain a dean's approval to drop this course after the second week of instruction.

Special Instructions:

An ALEKS PPL math placement score of at least 80%, with a test date of February 16, 2021 or later, is required to be able to register for this course. There may be a 1 business day delay after earning the score before Self-Service allows registration. Those who have passed ALEKS PPL close to June 12 may wish to email mathadvising@illinois.edu with name, netid, and UIN to request an override to allow registration sooner. For more ALEKS PPL information please see http://math.illinois.edu/ALEKS .....Registration for this class will close on the morning of June 18, 2021.

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Number of Required Visit(s): 0

Course Level: Undergraduate

Credit: 5

Term(s): Summer


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