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GEOG 495 NAA - Advanced Topics in Geography - Migration and the City

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Explores special topics not covered in regularly scheduled Geography courses. Course Information: 3 or 4 undergraduate hours. 3 or 4 graduate hours. May be repeated if topics vary in the same term to a maximum of 9 undergraduate hours or 12 graduate hours or in separate terms to a maximum of 12 undergraduate hours or 12 graduate hours.

Special Instructions:

In this course, we will read and discuss a number of classic and cutting edge texts that allow us conceptualize migrants as city-makers. We will critically engage with the manifold migrant urbanisms emerging throughout the world with the objective of understanding the city through the lens of migration and migration through the lens of the city. Most international migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees move to cities searching for better services, education, and livelihood opportunities that urban areas provide. Such movement patterns represent challenges and opportunities for host cities that are not captured in traditional debates on the assimilation/integration of migrants into national projects. More than the nation, the city becomes the main terrain on which migrants- efforts to improve their lives unfold. In the process, migration generates variegated forms of city-making that design novel textures into the urban fabric. Migrants have become a force behind urbanization, creatin

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Course Level: Graduate

Credit: 4

Term(s): Spring


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