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FR 319 A - Francophone Worlds

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Study of one or several Francophone countries and cultures around the world through language, texts, images, film, and/or other media. Course Information: Same as CWL 317. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours if topics vary. Prerequisite: FR 207, FR 211, and FR 212; or equivalents.

Special Instructions:

Survey of Francophone Literature FREN 319 will study foundational francophone theory as well as literature. We will proceed through many former French colonies and some protectorates (although not all) by advancing chronologically through theory, literature and film. Particular attention will be paid to the theoretical texts from the -fathers- of francophonie. It is the aim of this course to show how historical and political realities of the colonial and post-colonial era are represented in literature and film. The course will be conducted entirely in French, the readings will be in French and the assignments will be written in French. THIS IS A READING INTENSIVE COURSE.

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Number of Required Visit(s): 0

Course Level: Undergraduate

Credit: 3

Term(s): Spring


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