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ENGL 396 F - English Honors Seminar - Adventures in Posthumanism

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


An open-topic, discussion-oriented seminar aimed at majors who have shown high skill and intensive interest in the area of English studies. Course Information: May be repeated up to 6 hours in the same term to a maximum of 12 hours. Prerequisite: A 3.33 grade point average or consent of the English Department's Director of Undergraduate Studies. Restricted to English majors.

Special Instructions:

Adventures in Posthumanism - How does a bird (or a tree or. . . a virus) think- Can a person fall in love with her computer-s operating system- Should rivers be given the legal standing of persons- What would it be like to live out your life as a mushroom- These are the kinds of questions we-ll think about in this course, as we watch films, read novels, and grapple with a lot of weird, sometimes dense, but exciting new critical theory (much of it feminist, postcolonial, queer, and Indigenous). With the onset of human-induced climate change, the humanities have in recent years taken a counterintuitive turn into what is now sometimes called the -post-human- or the -non-human.- This means we find ourselves increasingly interested in trying to demote human beings from the center of the universe (or the top of the planetary feeding chain) and to imagine instead more horizontal relations among people, animals, extraterrestrial "aliens," the environment, and artificial int

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Number of Required Visit(s): 0

Course Level: Undergraduate

Credit: 3

Term(s): Spring


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