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ENGL 199 CHP - Undergraduate Open Seminar - Black Culture & Great Migratn

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Topics course that varies each semester and by section. The topics offered each semester will be listed in the Class Schedule. Course Information: Approved for letter and S/U grading. May be repeated.

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Black Culture and the great Migration - Between 1916-1960, African Americans fled the American South and populated Northern cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, New York, and Chicago. This geographical movement produced an explosion of art, music, and literature that became a crucial part of American culture. But why did African Americans move in such numbers over decades- Visual art, music (blues, jazz, gospel etc.), as well as literature flourished during this period but how did these burgeoning art forms reflect dreams fulfilled and deferred in these bustling American cities- This course takes up these questions by examining the changing economic, legal, and social conditions of the Great Migration, the art cultures this migration produced, as well as the monumental efforts American social scientists undertook to try to understand these massive changes in American cities. This course is interdisciplinary. We will analyze a variety of source materials including but not limited to: musica

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Course Level: Undergraduate

Credit: 3

Term(s): Spring


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