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GER 396 A - Special Topics German Studies - Babylon Berlin

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Introductory study in such topics as individual authors, selected literary movements or periods, modes of inquiry in literary study, minor genres, subgenres, extraliterary influences, etc. Course Information: Same as CWL 328. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours if topics vary. Prerequisite: Reading fluency in German beyond the fourth-semester college level.

Special Instructions:

In 1929, Berlin, the capital of the Weimar Republic, was known to be a hedonistic city of extremes: corrupt wealth and power existed alongside destitute poverty and an underground world of wild parties and glamour. In this course we take the internationally acclaimed televisions series -Babylon Berlin- as a starting point to explore the so-called Golden Twenties in Germany. The period began with the end of World War I and came to a close with the Wall Street Crash of 1929, shortly before Hitler-s rise to power. The 2017 neo-noir television series follows two heroes, Gereon Rath, a young police inspector who is on a secret mission to dismantle a crime ring, and Charlotte Ritter, a police clerk by day, and flapper by night. Both get caught up in the newly emerging entertainment industry and the social and political unrest of the time period. We will watch selected episodes as window into this era of the roaring twenties when people faced an uncertain future and great polarization b

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Course Level: Undergraduate

Credit: 3

Term(s): Spring


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