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HIST 572 A - Prob in US Hist Since 1815 - Culture, Class and Space

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Topics will be listed in the department's course guide at http://www.history.illinois.edu. Course Information: May be repeated in the same or subsequent terms as topics vary.

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This section will have distributed classroom attendance with supplemental instruction. You will receive an email from the instructor with specific attendance directives. Topic: Power, Inequality, and Writing Description: More than thirty years ago, the historian Thomas Bender published a programmatic essay, -Wholes and Parts: Toward A Synthesis,- that lamented the crisis of fragmentation in the field of U.S. history. This course revisits the questions of disciplinary cohesion, objectives, and methodology in terms of our own radically different times. Discussions begin with the classic debate over the utility of race versus class for analyzing power, but acknowledges that the question itself has become complicated by the incorporation of many other categories, concerns, and constraints. This course therefore surveys some of the most imaginative interventions in recent times: Queer Studies, Prison Studies, Consumption and Media, the state, Space and Shelter, the Urban Cris

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Course Level: Graduate

Credit: 4

Term(s): Fall


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