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REL 495 A4 - Topics in Asian Religions - Death in JAPN Buddhism

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Topics in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and other Asian religious traditions. Course Information: Same as EALC 495. 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 undergraduate hours or 8 graduate hours as topics vary. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or consent of instructor.

Special Instructions:

Death, Dying and the Dead in Japanese Buddhism From its inception, the Buddhist tradition has shown an abiding concern for death, the dying and the dead. This upper level seminar will examine the doctrinal and symbolic meanings of death, the ritual and meditative practices of the dying, as well as the treatment of the dead in the context of Japanese Buddhism. Drawing on recent secondary scholarship, we will examine the interface between doctrine and social practice in deathbed rituals, funerary practices and memorial services, the material, visual and literary culture of the dying and the dead, and the ethical and societal issues concerning death and dying in Japan.

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Number of Required Visit(s): 0

Course Level: Graduate

Credit: 4

Term(s): Fall


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