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MUS 410 B - Period Studies in Musicology

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Intensive study of the music of a specific historical period. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. 3 graduate hours. May be repeated to a maximum of 12 hours. Prerequisite: MUS 313 and MUS 314, junior standing in music or consent of instructor.

Special Instructions:

Topic: "MUSIC and POETRY." Humanism began as a literary movement in late-medieval Italy. Early works like Dante-s Divine Comedy, Petrarch-s sonnets, and Chaucer-s Canterbury Tales explore and articulate humanist themes: secularism, naturalism, anti-theism, and the general valuing of the human individual. Subscribing to a belief in free thought, humanists reexamined scriptures and works of classical antiquity and formulated their own ideas about how these may be read. Musical settings of humanist poetry as well as translated biblical and Greco-Roman poetry and prose give rise to the notion of musica poetica-music that -persuades- the emotions. Through this class, students will explore that text-sensitive, -persuasive- element of late-medieval and renaissance choral literature. Beginning with the motets of the Roman de Fauvel, the scope of the course will span the 14th to 16th centuries and will include European and European colonial works in Latin, English, Flemish, Fr

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Course Level: Graduate

Credit: 3

Term(s): Fall


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