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MACS 100 AL1 - Intro to Popular TV & Movies

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


The goal of this course is for students to begin to develop a critical understanding of the role of popular movies and television in their own lives and in U.S. culture. The course looks at issues of the relationship of media to social violence, gender identities, sexual identities, adolescents, minority cultures, and the role of the U.S. media globally. It also considers some of the major media genres that characterize U.S. popular television and movies.

Special Instructions:

A limited number of seats will continue to open through December 8. Should the course be full when attempting to register, it is suggested that students "favorite" the course through the Course Explorer and request email notifications from the system about open seats. They often become available through the 10th day of courses. Please note: This section will be taught asynchronous (no live sessions). Course will be managed through Compass with additional details provided by the instructor.

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Course Level: Undergraduate

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Term(s): Fall , Spring


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