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GRKM 201 A - Elementary Modern Greek I

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Develops elementary proficiency in spoken and written Modern Greek, and introduces elements of cultural knowledge. Familiarizes beginning students with the Greek alphabet and modern Greek pronunciation rules, and introduces Modern Greek morphology and syntax. Emphasizes listening comprehension, reading skills, and basic conversational skills. Online language laboratory and internet assignments required. Course Information: Same as GRK 251.

Special Instructions:

Instructor: Maria Hadjipolycarpou Hybrid/Blended. This class meets 2 hours per week in class. The equivalent of 2 additional class hours are completed online.

Option 1

Number of Required Visit(s): 0

Course Level: Undergraduate

Credit: 0

Term(s): Fall

Option 2

Number of Required Visit(s): 0

Course Level: Undergraduate

Credit: 5

Term(s): Fall


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