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BIOE 435 B - Senior Design I

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Capstone bioengineering design activity to develop solutions to projects provided by academia, industry, or clinical settings, utilizing principles of design, engineering analysis, and functional operation of engineering systems. Concept-design, safety, human-factors, quality, and Six-Sigma considerations. Initial solution proposals meeting professional technical-writing and communication standards. Concluded in BIOE 436. Course Information: 2 undergraduate hours. No graduate credit. Prerequisite: BIOE 414, BIOE 415, BIOE 302, and BIOE 303.

Special Instructions:

FA 2020 Instructions: this course should be taken concurrently with BIOE 436; the department will automatically provide a prerequisite override.

Academic Program Restrictions:

BS: Business Process Mgt -UIUC BS: Inf Sys & Info Tech -UIUC BS: Management -UIUC BS: Marketing - UIUC BS: Supply Chain Mgmt -UIUC BS:Accountancy -UIUC BS:Finance -UIUC BS:General Engineering -UIUC BS:Industrial Engineerng -UIUC BS:Information Systems -UIUC BS:Innov Ldshp & Eng Entr-UIUC BS:Operations Management -UIUC BS:STR BUS DEV & ENT - UIUC BS:Systems Engr & Design -UIUC MBA: (PT) Business Adm -- UIUC MBA:Bus Administration -UIUC MS: Finance Cost Rec - UIUC MS: Technology Management-UIUC MS:Business Administrtn -UIUC MS:Management -UIUC BS:Bioengineering - UIUC

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Number of Required Visit(s): 0

Course Level: Graduate

Credit: 2

Term(s): Fall , Spring


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