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ACCY 302 AY1 - Decision Making for Atg

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


We will develop and apply a framework to better understand the specific types of accounting information managers need to make key operational and strategic decisions. Utilizing business case studies and real-world projects, the course will also develop skills in gathering, visualizing, and statistically analyzing this accounting information to inform these important decisions. Course Information: Prerequisite: ACCY 202 or equivalent; BADM 210 or concurrent enrollment; and recommend concurrent enrollment in ACCY 301 for Accountancy majors.

Special Instructions:

Registration restricted to Gies College of Business majors and Ag ACCY majors. Accountancy course prerequisites are strictly enforced. The Accounting Department will not allow students to advance in the accounting curriculum if they have not met the required prerequisite for previous accountancy courses taken. Students are required to log in and use Compass2g (compass2g.illinois.edu) in order to complete this course.

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Course Level: Undergraduate

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Term(s): Fall , Spring


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