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ENGL 350 D - Writing about Lit Text Culture - #MeToo: American & British

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Writing-intensive, variable-topic course designed to improve English majors' ability to produce clear, well-organized, analytically sound and persuasively argued essays relevant to English studies. Introduces students to research techniques through the examination of critical texts appropriate to the course topic. Course Information: Credit is not given for ENGL 300 and ENGL 350. Prerequisite: Completion of the Composition I requirement; one year of college literature or consent of instructor. For majors only.

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#MeToo: American and British Seduction Fiction Since October of 2017 when the first allegations of sexual misconduct against the film mogul Harvey Weinstein began to surface, the idealization of the rugged but moral heteronormative American male was undermined by the #MeToo movement. Women begun to speak out, extricating themselves from their submissive roles as social others in American culture. Suddenly, actors who were seemingly formidable icons of postmodernist feminism like Rose McGowan were openly identifying themselves as oppressed victims of sexual assault. Although the #MeToo Movement was initiated by women, gay actors who had also been rendered silent began to report acts of sexual misconduct, adding to the collective voices of the oppressed. Social media was barraged by the confessions of these actors, who refused to be silenced and instead united to dismantle the patriarchy. In this course, we-ll examine the rise of the #MeToo Movement through a study of the Anglo-Ameri

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Course Level: Undergraduate

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Term(s): Fall


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