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CS 357 M - Numerical Methods I

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Fundamentals of numerical methods for students in science and engineering; floating-point computation, systems of linear equations, approximation of functions and integrals, the single nonlinear equation, and the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations; various applications in science and engineering; programming exercises and use of high quality mathematical library routines. Course Information: Same as MATH 357. Credit is not given for CS 357 if credit for CS 450 has been earned. (Counts for advanced hours in LAS). Prerequisite: One of CS 101, CS 105, CS 124, CS 125 or ECE 220; MATH 241; one of MATH 225, MATH 257, MATH 415, MATH 416 or ASRM 406.

Special Instructions:

This section will be offered completely online and follow mostly an asynchronous schedule. All lecture content will be delivered via pre-recorded videos, and all course assessments will be completed via PrairieLearn. The only synchronous component are the bi-weekly quizzes scheduled on Thursdays during lecture time, delivered online via PrairieLearn (with Zoom proctoring). There will be an option of a conflict time for students with valid reason (for example, different timezones). There will be group activities happening online on Tuesdays during lecture time, but students can select other times to meet. You can find more detailed information here: https://courses.grainger.illinois.edu/cs357/sp2021/pages/Fall2021-info.html For up-to-date information about CS course restrictions, please see the following link: http://go.cs.illinois.edu/csregister

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Course Level: Undergraduate

Credit: 3

Term(s): Fall


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