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IS 571 CPO - Adv Topics Use & Users of Info - Children's Programming

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Variety of newly developed and advanced topics courses within the field of Use and Users of Information, intended to augment the existing Information Sciences curricula. Course Information: 2 to 4 graduate hours. No professional credit.

Special Instructions:

This course examines children-s services by surveying how libraries can meet the developmental, informational, social, personal, and cultural needs of babies, children, and their caregivers through programs. The course will provide theoretical understanding of the value and impact of library programs for children, their caregivers, and educators. It will also provide practical experience, looking at strategies, techniques, and resources for developing programs for children, caregivers, and educators; strategies for community outreach to organizations that also serve children; and methods for assessment and evaluation of program success. Graduate student questions may be sent to ischool-advising@illinois.edu

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Course Level: Graduate

Credit: 2

Term(s): Fall


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