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EPS 590 RG - Advanced Graduate Seminar - A Common Humanity

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Seminar in educational policy studies; sections offered in the following fields: (a) history of education; (b) philosophy of education; (c) comparative education; (d) social foundations of education; (e) philosophy of educational research; and (f) historical methods in education. Course Information: Same as EPOL 590. 4 graduate hours. No professional credit. May be repeated in the same and separate semesters to a maximum of 8 hours.

Special Instructions:

Has the COVID 19 pandemic brought us closer to a recognition of our equality and common humanity, or has it widened the wedge between peoples and nations- Will the recent global growth of ethnonationalism be reversed as a result of COVID 19- Or will the urge to find scapegoats deliver a fresh blow to the notion of a common humanity- Within nations, are hierarchies and inequalities likely to strengthen or weaken- Taught by Rajmohan Gandhi, this seminar will look at responses to the pandemic in the US and India against the background of struggles in the US and India for equality and human dignity. The exercise should help identify possibilities and challenges as educators enter the century-s third decade.

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Number of Required Visit(s): 0

Course Level: Graduate

Credit: 4

Term(s): Fall


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