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IS 590 Z6 - Advanced Problems in IS - Sem Lib Mngmt: Polit Advcy

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Variety of newly developed and special topics courses on different aspects of the information sciences intended to augment the existing curriculum, offered as sections of IS 590. Course Information: Additional fees may apply. See Class Schedule. 1 to 4 graduate hours. No professional credit. May be repeated. Class Schedule Information: Class materials fee or field trip fee may be required.

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This one-unit, four-week (January 24 - February 22) course, provides an overview of best practices in political advocacy for librarians. Having knowledge of the function of local politics important because 95% of funding for libraries comes from the will of the local voters or the will of the local politicians. Understanding the political ecosystem through which libraries are funded is crucial to continued support for libraries in the United States. Throughout the course, we will explore strategies used by some of the best community organizers, political action committees, and politicians and adapt these strategies to librarianship. We will explore the resources that libraries need to develop in order to have the political and community support that they need in order to be able to continue to serve the public. There will be a strong emphasis on building data-driven advocacy campaigns that return real and measurable results to libraries. We will analyze methods for advocacy strategizin

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Course Level: Graduate

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