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HIST 269 B - Jewish History Since 1700

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Explores how life was lived by Jewish women and men through the past three centuries. Will also focus on wider place of the Jews in European society, and the achievements and tragedies of the modern Jewish-non-Jewish relationship. Course Information: Same as REL 269.

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Topic: The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries witnessed a profound transformation in Jewish life, culture and religion. During this time, Jews emerged out of their "ghettos" and enjoyed unprecedented economic and professional success. These transformations included changes in every facet of life - from occupations and residence, family life and marriage, as well as religious behavior, social integration, and political expression. Yet Jewish modernization differed from region to region and was imbued with profound contradictions and tensions. What did it mean to be a Jew in the modern world- How were Jewish identities redefined in response to the social and political opportunities, as well as the hostilities and hatreds, of the modern age- How did the Holocaust realign the political and cultural geographies of Jewish life-

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Course Level: Undergraduate

Credit: 3 hr

Term(s): Spring


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