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MIS 564 - Data Communications/Networking

Campus: Springfield


Telecommunications involve transmission of data, voice, image, and video over communication networks. This course covers the concepts, models, architectures, protocols, standards, and security for the design, implementation, and management of digital networks. Fundamental network concepts are introduced using a network model that divides data communications into multiple layers, such as application, network and transport, data link, and physical layer. Network technologies are covered in terms of different types of networks (i.e. local area networks {LAN}, backbone networks, wide area networks {WAN}, wireless networks, and the Internet). Network management and security are also emphasized. Course Information: Prerequisites:MIS 513 (may be taken concurrently).

Special Instructions:

Prerequisite: MIS 513 (may be taken concurrently)

Academic Program Restrictions:

NDEG:IT Proj Mgmt Online -UIS NDEG:Online Bus Intelligence NDEG:Online Bus Proc Mgmt -UIS NDEG:Online Busi Analytics-UIS NDEG:Online HR Mangment-UIS NDEG:OnlinePubUtilMgmt&Reg-UIS MS:Online Mgmt Inf Sys -UIS

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Number of Required Visit(s): 0

Course Level: Graduate

Credit: 3

Term(s): Fall , Spring , Summer


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