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ECON 202 OL1 - Economic Statistics I

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Introduction of basic concepts in statistics including the presentation of data, descriptive statistics, probability theory, discrete and continuous distributions, sampling distributions, estimation, and hypothesis testing. The approach of the class includes both learning the concepts behind basic statistics and also how to apply these concepts in "real-life" situations. Utilizes a practical project format. To complete the Business Statistics sequence, students must also complete ECON 203. Course Information: Credit is not given for ECON 202 if credit for a college-level introductory statistics course such as PSYC 235, SOC 280, or STAT 100 has been earned. Prerequisite: Credit or registration in one of MATH 220, MATH 221, MATH 234. Class Schedule Information: Instructions will be given during the first lecture as to where you should meet for your TA section. Evening examinations may be offered in this course. Students must register for one lab and one lecture section.

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Fall 2020: Econ 202 is Online

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