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ESE 320 A - Water Planet, Water Crisis

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Study of the science of water on planet earth, the developing water crisis, and some possible solutions to it. Topics include water's unique physical and chemical properties; how it profoundly shapes the earth/ocean/atmosphere system; dynamics of oceans, atmosphere, lakes, rivers, groundwater, and ice masses; current fresh water supplies and their distribution on earth relative to population; current and future water crises and the compounding effects of droughts, floods, and global change; and prospects for some technological and economic approaches to easing the crisis. Course Information: Same as GEOG 370 and GEOL 370.

Special Instructions:

This section will have one or more proctored online exams which may carry additional fees.

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MENG:Mech Engineering Onl-UIUC MS: Aerospace Engr-Online-UIUC MS: Civil Engr - Online - UIUC MS:Env Engr CivilEngr ONL-UIUC MS:Industrial Engr Online-UIUC MS:Mechanical Engineerng -UIUC NDEG:Grad Nondegree-CE-UIUC BSLAS: Earth,Soc,Env Sust-UIUC

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Course Level: Undergraduate

Credit: 3

Term(s): Fall , Spring , Summer


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