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ANSC 499 XM1 - Ration Formulation/Balancing

Campus: Urbana-Champaign


Group discussion or an experimental course on a special topic in animal sciences. Course Information: 1 to 4 undergraduate hours. 1 to 4 graduate hours. May be repeated.

Special Instructions:

Calf and Heifer Nutrition and Management is a fast pace two credit class with six weeks of instruction. Topics are: calf nutrition including accelerated growth and automated liquid feeders; calf health and management including vaccination strategies; heifer feeding including limit feeding approaches; heifer management including breeding plans and sex semen housing heifers; heifer economics. Live classes will be held every Monday afternoon on the internet from 3 to 4 pm CDT with all live lectures archived for later review. For more information and non-credit enrollment option please go to http://online.ansci.illinois.edu. Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL) restrictions and assessments apply, see https://online.illinois.edu.

Academic Program Restrictions:

MS:Crop Sciences -UIUC MS:Nat Res & Envrn Sci -UIUC MS:Nat Res Env Sci -UIUC NDEG:Grad Nondegree-CE-UIUC MS: Agricultural Educ -UIUC

Option 1

Number of Required Visit(s): 0

Course Level: Graduate

Credit: 1 hr

Term(s): Fall


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