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BIO 583 - Closure Exam Preparation

Campus: Springfield


The course is designed to help the student prepare for the comprehensive exam, which is the capstone experience for students who have selected the non-thesis degree option. Students should not register for this course until their final semester. They should also consult with their academic advisor regarding the exams in addition to enrolling in this course. Preparation for the oral and written exams is done in consultation with the student's academic advisor. To pass the exam, students will need to earn at least a B on both the written and the oral tests (grades of B- or lower will not be accepted). NOTE: Students who fail either the oral or written portions of the exam must register for BIO 584 (zero credit hours: one billable hour) and will have to wait until the following semester to retake the exam that they failed. Students who fail either portion for the second time will be dismissed from the program. Course Information: Prerequisite: Graduate core courses; some may be taken conc

Special Instructions:

Restricted to BIO majors. Requires Instructor Approval

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Number of Required Visit(s): 0

Course Level: Graduate

Credit: 4

Term(s): Spring


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