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CSC 550 - Master's Project/Thesis

Campus: Springfield


An individual study to demonstrate the ability to formulate, investigate, and analyze a problem and to report results. Written report and oral presentation are required. Guidelines for completing this requirement are available from the CSC program and must be consulted before any work is begun. NOTE: If the project/thesis is not completed during the initial four-hour enrollment, students must register for CSC 551 for zero credit hours (one billable hour) in all subsequent semesters until the project/thesis is completed. Course Information: Credit/No Credit grading only. May be repeated to a maximum of 4 hours. Prerequisite: Approval of the project/thesis supervisor.

Special Instructions:

Restricted to CSC majors. Contact csc@uis.edu. Requires Departmental Approval

Academic Program Restrictions:

BS:Info Syst Sec -UIS BS:Online Computer Science-UIS BS:Online Info Syst Sec -UIS MS:Online Computer Science-UIS

Option 1

Number of Required Visit(s): 0

Course Level: Graduate

Credit: 4

Term(s): Fall , Spring


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