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- Education

EDL 508: Effect Prac Online Tching & Lr
EDL 515: Online Teaching & Learning
EDL 516: Instructional Design for Tech
EDL 517: Education Technology Leadrship
EDL 518: Educational Technology Systems
EDL 521: Current & Emerging Tech in Ed
EDL 538: Mid School Methods & Philos
EDL 539: Adolescent Dev and Learn
EDL 541: Educational Research Methods
EDL 542: Action Research for Leadership
EDL 543: Assessment for Learning
EDL 547: Technology in the Curriculum
EDL 549: Improv Teachg:Lang Arts/ Soc St
EDL 550: Theoretic Fndtns/ Teaching ESL
EDL 551: Improve Teaching: Math/ Science
EDL 553: Assmt Lrng Difficulty/ Disabil
EDL 554: Character/ Exceptional Children
EDL 555: Foundation For Technology/ Curr
EDL 557: Matching Teaching/ Lrng Styles
EDL 558: Strat/ Teach Child Spec Needs I
EDL 559: Stra/ Teach Child Spec Needs II
EDL 563: Mentoring/ Excellence-Teaching
EDL 565: Quality Improvemt/ Educ Setting
EDL 567: Lrng Improv via Studnt Account
EDL 573: Survey of Exceptional Children
EDL 574: Critical Legal Issues In Educ
EDL 575: Legal Aspects Of Special Educ
EDL 576: Minimizing Legal Risks/ Ed Work
EDL 577: Schools In The Legal System
EDL 578: Employability Issues
EDL 579: Collective Bargaining
EDL 580: Teacher/ Parent/ Student Rights
EDL 581: Education Workplace:Legal Iss
EDL 582: Political Action And Advocacy
EDL 583: Teaching Law In K-12 Schools
EDL 584: Assessment of ESL Students
EDL 585: Foundations of Online Learning
EDL 586: Capstone Project
EDL 592: Linguistics
EDL 593: Cross Cultural Studies for ESL
EDL 594: Methods and Materials for ESL
EDL 598: MTL Capstone Cont Enroll
EDL 599: Independent Research And Study
IPL 501: Grad Pri Lrn Portfolio Develop
TEP 501: Online Learning
TEP 501: Overview of Online Instruction
TEP 502: Tech Tools for Online Learning
TEP 503: Inst Design/ Online Course Dev
TEP 504: Universal Design
TEP 505: Student Assessment
TEP 506: Encouraging Com/ Online Courses
TEP 507: Blended Learning Inst & Design
TEP 508: Practicum

+ Engineering

+ Health Professions And Related Sciences

+ Law And Legal Studies

+ Library Science

+ Mathematics

+ Public Administration And Services

+ Social Sciences


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