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Curriculum: The iMBA is comprised of interconnected and powerful blocks of business know-how. Those blocks integrate curated content that fits together in ways that maximize your ability to internalize and act on what you learn. You can complete the program in 23 – 36 months.
All course material falls under a specialization, which is roughly equivalent to an academic department but not as rigid. To earn your MBA, you’ll take four required specializations and then have an option to choose from two of three additional areas. The four specializations represent the multiple facets an effective business leader must bring together to succeed in a complex world. The program also includes a capstone project in which you get hands-on experience making all the pieces work together at once.
In some cases, you’ll get material within a specialization that draws in content that in the academic world might come from different disciplines within the College of Business, from other schools and colleges across campus, and from business practitioners. This is one reason being part of the University of Illinois can be so powerful: We’re a comprehensive university with everything from a top-ranked engineering school to a college of media to a great school of social work–all parts of the business equation in their own way.
All the blocks build to a height that ultimately makes for a complete MBA. It carries the same academic rigor as an offline program. Content is blended and shared in ways that are unique to the online world, but crafted for immediate impact in the real world.
You’ll be required to complete these four specializations at the graduate level.

  • Strategic Leadership & Management
  • Managerial Economics and Business Analysis
  • Value Chain Management
  • Financial Management

You’ll need to also choose two of the three following specializations:
  • Global Challenges in Business
  • Entrepreneurship & Strategic Innovation
  • Digital Marketing
For a complete breakdown of specializations and courses, see https://onlinemba.illinois.edu/specializations/


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