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Master of Computer Science - Data Science

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Curriculum: Total Required Credit Hours for MCS-DS
Data Mining (pick at least one course)

  • Text Information Systems
  • Introduction to Data Mining
Data Visualization (pick at least one course)
  • Data Visualization
Machine Learning (must take, at least, "Applied Machine Learning")
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Practical Statistical Learning
Cloud Computing (pick at least one course)
  • Cloud Computing Concepts
  • Cloud Computing Applications
  • Cloud Networking
Statistical Analysis
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Methods of Applied Statistics
  • Multivariate Analysis
Information Science
  • Foundations of Data Curation
  • Theory & Practice of Data Cleaning
  • Data Mining Capstone
  • Cloud Computing Capstone
Other requirements can be found at http://cs.illinois.edu/prospective-students/graduate-students/mcs-ds-apply-now/online-mcs-data-science-degree-requirements


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