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Recreation, Sport and Tourism

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Curriculum: The curriculum of the Master of Science in Recreation, Sport and Tourism consists of nine 4-credit hour courses, to be taken in the order listed below.

  • RST 501: Theories & Concepts of Leisure
  • RST 502: Critical Issues in Recreation Management*
  • RST 520: Critical Issues in Sport Management*
  • RST 530: Critical Issues in Tourism Management*
  • RST 515: Marketing in Recreation, Sport and Tourism
  • RST 594EM: Event and Facility Management
  • RST 512: Human Resources in Recreation, Sport and Tourism
  • RST 594FB: Finance and Budgeting
  • RST 503: Advanced Leisure Research Methods
  • RST 594SM: Strategic Management
  • RST 593: Special Problems
* Students will take one of these three courses depending on their chosen specialization.


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