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Prerequisite(s): In order to admitted to the NRES online M.S. program, applicants:

  • Must have at least a 3.0 grade point average for the last 60 hours of their undergraduate coursework (or the last two years if the undergraduate institution used a system other than semester hours). Students who do not meet this requirement may occasionally be admitted on "limited status," so please contact NRES Student Services (217-333-5824 or nres-ssc@illinois.edu) to discuss the possibility.
  • Must have earned a baccalaureate degree and should have adequate preparation in the fundamental sciences and courses appropriate to their proposed field of study in natural resources and environmental sciences. In general, this will require coursework in the biological and/or physical sciences from an accredited University or College. Prerequisite coursework should include, at minimum, two or three classes in biological or physical sciences, a course in mathematics, and routine communication courses, all at the college level. Students with deficiencies may still be accepted conditionally, but they may be asked to make up undergraduate level coursework from an accredited college, university, or community college or to successfully complete (B or higher grade) two or three upper level University of Illinois classes before admission is granted to the M.S. degree program.
  • Students whose native language is not English are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System. Test scores must be less than two (2) years old from date of enrollment. Minimum score requirements are available at http://www.grad.uiuc.edu/admissions/instructions/04b.cfm.
The GRE is not required for admission to the online M.S. program.


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