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Admission Requirement(s):

•Applicants must submit a complete set of official undergraduate transcripts signifying graduation from an accredited university.

•A minimum undergraduate grade-point average of 2.70 on a 4.00 scale is required.

•International applicants must satisfy UIS English proficiency requirements. (see http://www.uis.edu/admissions/international/graduate.html#epa)

•All official documents must arrive in the UIS Office of Admissions in an envelope sealed by the issuing institution.

Prerequisite(s): Applicants are expected to have completed a program of study similar to that required for a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Candidates who lack proper undergraduate background must demonstrate competency by obtaining a minimum grade-point average of 2.70 in specified prerequisite courses. Prerequisite courses may be taken at UIS or equivalent courses may be taken elsewhere. These courses will not count toward the graduate degree and must be completed before admission is granted.

Prerequisite Curriculum (for students without an undergraduate computer science degree)

CSC 302 Discrete Structures or MAT 302 Discrete Math or MAT 114 Finite Math 4 Hrs.

MAT 113 Business Calculus or MAT 115 Calculus I 4 Hrs.

MAT 121 Applied Statistics 3 Hrs.

CSC 225 Computer Programming Concepts I 3 Hrs.

CSC 275 Computer Programming Concepts II 3 Hrs.

CSC 376 Computer Organization 4 Hrs.

CSC 385 Data Structures and Algorithms 4 Hrs.

CSC 388 Programming Languages 4 Hrs.

CSC 389 Introduction to Operating Systems 4 Hrs.

Applicants who do not meet all entrance requirements may be granted conditional admission. Grades of B- or better must be earned in all courses taken while on conditional admission. Full admission is required before the student can continue beyond 12 hours in the CSC curriculum.


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