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Admission Requirement(s): High School Students: Can enroll in Calculus I if they have an ACT score of at least 26 in math, and at least a B+ average in their math courses. Students can enroll in the other courses if they have the prerequisites for the course. Prerequisites for courses beyond Calculus I include successfully passing the AP Calculus test with a score of 4 or better. All of these courses are meant to provide a continuance for those students who have exhausted the course offerings at the high school level.

Adult learners and college students: Must have completed any course prerequisites as stated in the course catalog.

Personal Qualifications (all students): NetMath is for students who are organized, able to learn independently, are motivated to earn credit in a college level calculus course, have time to put into the course, and have the desire to learn.

Technical Requirement(s): Recent operating system of Windows or Macintosh with at least 128 MB RAM; fast internet access with an email account; Mathematica software;


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