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Admission Requirement(s): Students must submit the following;

  • Undergraduate Transfer Application
  • Application Fee
  • Official transcripts from all higher education institutions
To be admitted to the online Liberal Studies program, students must have completed at least 30 hours of transferable credit and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.
In addition to the requirements, please consider these recommendations.
  • We recommend that you complete all Illinois General Education requirements before you apply to the online program. You may be admitted without completing the full list of General Education requirements, but you may be directed to a local community college to complete missing requirements.
  • At the very least, we recommend that you complete two semesters of composition (which is part of the Illinois General Education requirements).
  • Finally, while UIS does offer an online General Education math course, we do not offer developmental math in an online format so, if you require these courses, you will need to work with your local community college to complete them.

If you have not completed the Illinois General Education curriculum, we would be happy to review your transcripts to help you determine exactly where you stand so that you might make an informed decision to apply for admission. Please contact our Program Coordinator.

The online program does not support lower-level coursework. For this reason, an applicant must be prepared to enter at the junior level. Those who have not yet completed lower-level coursework are encouraged to do so at another college or university of their choice, then transfer into our program.

The program will consider all of the information provided by the applicant, but pay particular attention to the applicant’s written statement and background in general education courses. Applicants must have completed Composition I and II to be admitted to the online program.

Students who are not accepted will be notified as quickly as possible so that they can consider alternatives. In some cases, the program may be willing to admit an applicant for a future semester if he/she is willing to address areas of concern noted in the program review. In these cases, the program will work with the applicant as closely as necessary to assist them.


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