Educational Policy Studies with emphasis in New Learning
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Program URL: http://education.illinois.edu/online-offcampus/nl/m

Campus: Urbana-Champaign

Program Type: Master's Degree

Award Conferred: Master of Education

Total Number of Credit Hours: 32 Sem. Hr(s).

This exciting, new online Master of Education degree program is designed to help teachers create more engaging learning environments for their students, and to integrate new media and technologies into the classroom. New learning encourages students to be active designers of their own knowledge, in contrast to old teaching, in which knowledge was handed down to them. This program focusses on ways in which students use new, digital media to enhance the ways in which they learn and understand, thus improving the learning process. It also addresses the challenge of differentiating instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners.


New Learning is designed for practicing teachers and aspiring teachers at all levels of education, as well as adult, community and workplace educators.

The program focuses on contemporary approaches to pedagogy, including ideas such as:

  • the use of new media and innovative technologies as tools for learning

  • differentiated learning that addresses learner diversity

  • the power of metacognition or thinking about thinking

  • peer interaction that values of collective intelligence in learning communities

  • active knowledge making where learners are creators as much as they are consumers of knowledge, and

  • assessment which contributes directly and constructive to student learning.


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